Lords of the White Traverse

Session 2 - Midnight Meeting and Scouting

See Player Secret area for player specific information


Cedric, the missing member from your original meeting with Mr.V met the party at the Chubby Mermaid. There they met and went to meet Pretty and his crew.

Kamaritus was unable to join the group due to some clerical matters.

The meeting with Pretty and company went without incident. The group agreed to clear a building of squatter thieves from the thieves guild of Tattermont in exchange for information on Tia and some possible gold based on performance. The party learned little about who they are working with.

The party then returned to the Chubby Mermaid to prepare for the next morning’s events. Ville managed to dazzle a few drunken sailors and steal one of their daggers.

XP for events up to scouting the hideout Ville 2010, Zantias 2010, Kamaritus 1300

The group made their way to the hideout. Ville disguised himself as a delivery boy of sorts and managed to coerce one of the guild members to open the door.


Ville rolled a 1 on his disguise check to fool the guild member into thinking he was a delivery boy from the guild.

Rolling a 1 on skill check DOES NOT equal auto failure. That rule only applies to attack rolls and saving throws.

Everyone assumed that it was an auto-failure and then attacked the guard. Cedric even said he dashed towards the door to attack. In this case no one, not even Ville, would have known if he failed or not.

Battle ensued. One of the three rogues managed to hide away during the fighting. Vantias then opened a chest via the Open/Close spell releasing a magical blast of needles that the group was able to avoid.

The chest contained the following:

  • Two magical scrolls. (One identified as “”/campaign/lotwt/wikis/spells" class=“wiki-page-link”> Belker Claws")
  • 2 gems (unappraised)
  • A small magical hourglass (unidentified)
  • A magical dagger (unidentified)

The party then coerced the rogue in the cellar out of hiding and convinced him to give the party information regarding the guild. You learned that the leader of this particular band of thieves is named Donavan. He frequently makes trips between Wickerwall and Tattermont. He also said that he should be returning in two days.

The group then kept their promise and let the rogue go free. Ville asked the rogue to deliver a message to his boss that his guild is not welcome in Wickerwall. Vantias left a similar message inside the building.

The group then explored the basement area where they discovered a torture room and a divining pool. They then left and returned to the Chubby Mermaid. The second chest was not opened and the documents on the tables were not examined.



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