Lords of the White Traverse

Session 4 - Ox and Some Answers


The group burst in to the Tattermont thieves guild hideout. There they slew two members of the guild including Ox who fell Kamaritus in a single blow. An unnamed mage was also slain by a trap set by Ville the previous day.

The following items were stripped from their bodies:
140 gold
Robe of Protection, +1
Blackened Half Plate armor, +1 stealth
Blackened Leather armor, +1 stealth
Sealed letter that allowed passage in to Lord Butchthorn’s palace to meet with “GR”.

The group then quickly met with Pretty and Patches to discuss their agreement. Patches informed the group that while the girl they found was not human, as they expected, they did find an elven girl matching their description who mysteriously evaded identification and is currently being held by the city guard somewhere in the palace. He mentioned that the girl is on 24 hour watch.

As the parties went their separate ways Patches made an ominous statement saying that being employed by a crazy old man on an abandoned island probably wasn’t their greatest choice.

The group then returned to the Chubby Mermaid. They will spend the next day recovering, training and doing various task before making their next move.

  • For finishing an important quest in the game the group will receive an extra 800 XP.



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