Lords of the White Traverse

Session 5 - Strange girl


The group followed up with the letter and visited Wickerwall Palace to investigate further.
They were led by a guard to a secluded area in the dungeon. There they met General Royster of Wickerwall and Envoy Lazarus of Tattermont. When the group discovered them they were discussing different tactics and strategies. The general was unnerved by the groups appearence but Envoy Lazarus convinced the general that they were colleges from Tattermont. Lazarus knew the groups true identity, though.

Despite the groups frequent distractions of Lazarus’s plans, including being hired by Patches to slay his men, he was rather cordial and patient with the group. In exchange for information on why the group was looking for this girl, Lazarus told the group what he knew as well as his plans to over through Lord Burchthorn with the help of General Royster to combat a possible threat from growing drow forces in the east that Burchthorn has refused to work with Tattermont about. Lazarus believes both cities will fall without an alliance.

In exchange for the groups future cooperation, Lazarus arranged for the one of the group to met with the girl while the other two observed via a divining pool in another location.

Ville obtained the following information about the girl:

  • “Tia” is neither human or elven, perhaps a fae like creature.
  • She has the ability to shapeshift into almost any form and mimic any voice.
  • She emits an aura that appears to slow time, mentally anyways.
  • She is terrified of Mr.V, who she refers to as Val’skal
  • Although she has been locked away, Lord Burchthorn has been taking exceptional care of her for reasons unknown.
  • Her home is a grove in an unknown location.

Following a brief discussion Ville casted a sleep spell on the guard and attempted to bash down the door of her cell. Unsuccessfully so far.

XP will given once the group rests.



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