This halfling nation is unique in that it has been ruled by the same family for countless generations. The Tiax, hence the countries name. The benevolent monarchy and its people have never seen war or conflict with another country. They are renowned for their fine silks and fruits. The country also encourages its young people to explore the world and then return to Tiax to share their knowledge with their brothers. Tiaxians are quickly recognizable by their darker complexion, facial tattoos and strong accents. They are very friendly to all races but have very strict immigration policy.

Demographics:~99% Halfling
Terrain: Tropical island, corral reef
Economy:Silk, fruit, salt

Character Creation

  • +2 swim and climb checks. -2 sense motive checks. +1 survival checks.
  • Character is able to speak in a unique halfling dialect specific to Tiax


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