The nation of Vester has had a violent and turbulent history. War after war, conflict after conflict. Founded as a haven for religious followers of “The One” centuries ago has experienced several civil wars caused by differing ideas on what is the true dogma of The One.

The ruler of Vester and head of the Church of The One is Speaker Leopold Shanahan. Sp. Shanahan assumed power following the most recent civil conflict in which his faction “The Many of The One” took control of Vester 20 years ago. Following his ascension he exiled all those who did not follow the faith of The One or was considered not to be “chosen by The One”. The idea dates back to founding pilgrims of Vester who were human. As a result, Vester is currently in economic shambles limiting its trade to human ruled cities, states or communities. Few people are allowed access in to Vester although few care to.

Population:~100,000 (exact figure is unknown)
Demographics:~98% Human
Terrain:Tundra, evergreen forests
Religion:The One
Economy:Logging, fishing, hunting

Character Creation

  • Must be human.
  • -2 to Diplomacy/Appraise checks when npc speaking to character knows the character is from Vester. NPCs may be more aggressive towards character.
  • +1 on Willpower checks
  • Clerics/priests from this area must follow The One and receive the following bonus spells:
    1st level: Shield of Faith
    3rd level: Spear of Purity
    6th level: Divine Power
  • All Followers of The One must have the holy tome “The Word” on their person in order to cast the bonus spells
  • Follower of the The One must make a Wil save in order to suppress the urge to condemn and bash a follower of a different religion. DC 13.

Gospel of The Word
The Word is very vague in some of its teachings and thus has been twisted and interpreted in to its current form. The basic philosophies of The Word are as follows:

  • The keepers of The Word are one with The One and so they shall be. (The earliest known practitioner of The Word was a human. Thus, only humans are allowed to become a follower of The One. Additionally, followers are less willing to help other races)
  • The keepers of The Word do not falter in their truth and so it shall be. (Followers of The One are compelled to explain all actions and statements in a way that reflects positively on their faith)
  • The keepers of The Word do not heed the word of the Lost and so they shall not. (Followers of The One are compelled to condemn all other religions and are reluctant to cooperate with the followers of those religions.)
  • What is shall be what was and The One will be. (The final and most controversial passage of the tome. Some believe it to be a sign of the apocalypse. Believing that after a global conversion to The One, that The One will come to save its followers.)


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