Lords of the White Traverse

Session 5 - Strange girl


The group followed up with the letter and visited Wickerwall Palace to investigate further.
They were led by a guard to a secluded area in the dungeon. There they met General Royster of Wickerwall and Envoy Lazarus of Tattermont. When the group discovered them they were discussing different tactics and strategies. The general was unnerved by the groups appearence but Envoy Lazarus convinced the general that they were colleges from Tattermont. Lazarus knew the groups true identity, though.

Despite the groups frequent distractions of Lazarus’s plans, including being hired by Patches to slay his men, he was rather cordial and patient with the group. In exchange for information on why the group was looking for this girl, Lazarus told the group what he knew as well as his plans to over through Lord Burchthorn with the help of General Royster to combat a possible threat from growing drow forces in the east that Burchthorn has refused to work with Tattermont about. Lazarus believes both cities will fall without an alliance.

In exchange for the groups future cooperation, Lazarus arranged for the one of the group to met with the girl while the other two observed via a divining pool in another location.

Ville obtained the following information about the girl:

  • “Tia” is neither human or elven, perhaps a fae like creature.
  • She has the ability to shapeshift into almost any form and mimic any voice.
  • She emits an aura that appears to slow time, mentally anyways.
  • She is terrified of Mr.V, who she refers to as Val’skal
  • Although she has been locked away, Lord Burchthorn has been taking exceptional care of her for reasons unknown.
  • Her home is a grove in an unknown location.

Following a brief discussion Ville casted a sleep spell on the guard and attempted to bash down the door of her cell. Unsuccessfully so far.

XP will given once the group rests.

Session 4 - Ox and Some Answers


The group burst in to the Tattermont thieves guild hideout. There they slew two members of the guild including Ox who fell Kamaritus in a single blow. An unnamed mage was also slain by a trap set by Ville the previous day.

The following items were stripped from their bodies:
140 gold
Robe of Protection, +1
Blackened Half Plate armor, +1 stealth
Blackened Leather armor, +1 stealth
Sealed letter that allowed passage in to Lord Butchthorn’s palace to meet with “GR”.

The group then quickly met with Pretty and Patches to discuss their agreement. Patches informed the group that while the girl they found was not human, as they expected, they did find an elven girl matching their description who mysteriously evaded identification and is currently being held by the city guard somewhere in the palace. He mentioned that the girl is on 24 hour watch.

As the parties went their separate ways Patches made an ominous statement saying that being employed by a crazy old man on an abandoned island probably wasn’t their greatest choice.

The group then returned to the Chubby Mermaid. They will spend the next day recovering, training and doing various task before making their next move.

  • For finishing an important quest in the game the group will receive an extra 800 XP.
Session 3 - The Wolf and The Beggar


After the battle with the guild thieves Ville and Zantias returned to the Chubby Mermaid. There they met with Kamaritus and Grimrum, the newest member of the group. The group then decided to head back to the thieve’s hideout and search for more clues.

They discovered various maps and schematics for different locations through out Wickerwall and also some sort of contract that reads:

“The wolf shall provide the beggar with the knowledge to perform activities in the poor house as will the wolf provide the beggar with knowledge of the den in exchange for services yet to be negotiated……..”

The date was marked about a week ago and signed with a paw print and an X.

Ville then planted a trap on one of the chests in the hideout via scroll he found and identified.

The group also found a list of merchants and fences that these thieves had been dealing with. Two fences, Lacey and John, and one merchant, Lealy. Zantias also took a vial of water from the divining pool to be examined later.

The group then found the Tiaxian fence Lacey and convinced him in to giving up some information about this “beggar” and “wolf”. Lacey confessed that many people believe “The beggar” is another calling card for Patches, the man that gave you the task of removing the thieves. Zantias then commissioned two sketches to be made of Tia and Patches.

The group then returned to the Chubby Mermaid and discussed their next step inside their room. Zantias suggested a watch be set up to insure that they didn’t have any unwanted visitors while they slept. During the night Kamaritus noticed a shadowy figure who stared in to the group’s room from the street for nearly half an hour before he faded into the night.

The next morning the group when to speak with Lealy and John.
Lealy had been murdered. Chop into pieces and spread out across her own stand. John had his tongue removed and had been beaten into a comatose like state.

The group then decided to return to the hideout to intercept guild members who were supposedly returning form Tattermont. When the group arrived shouting was heard inside as well as smell of smoke.

See your player secret sections for player specific info.

Session 2 - Midnight Meeting and Scouting
See Player Secret area for player specific information


Cedric, the missing member from your original meeting with Mr.V met the party at the Chubby Mermaid. There they met and went to meet Pretty and his crew.

Kamaritus was unable to join the group due to some clerical matters.

The meeting with Pretty and company went without incident. The group agreed to clear a building of squatter thieves from the thieves guild of Tattermont in exchange for information on Tia and some possible gold based on performance. The party learned little about who they are working with.

The party then returned to the Chubby Mermaid to prepare for the next morning’s events. Ville managed to dazzle a few drunken sailors and steal one of their daggers.

XP for events up to scouting the hideout Ville 2010, Zantias 2010, Kamaritus 1300

The group made their way to the hideout. Ville disguised himself as a delivery boy of sorts and managed to coerce one of the guild members to open the door.


Ville rolled a 1 on his disguise check to fool the guild member into thinking he was a delivery boy from the guild.

Rolling a 1 on skill check DOES NOT equal auto failure. That rule only applies to attack rolls and saving throws.

Everyone assumed that it was an auto-failure and then attacked the guard. Cedric even said he dashed towards the door to attack. In this case no one, not even Ville, would have known if he failed or not.

Battle ensued. One of the three rogues managed to hide away during the fighting. Vantias then opened a chest via the Open/Close spell releasing a magical blast of needles that the group was able to avoid.

The chest contained the following:

  • Two magical scrolls. (One identified as “”/campaign/lotwt/wikis/spells" class=“wiki-page-link”> Belker Claws")
  • 2 gems (unappraised)
  • A small magical hourglass (unidentified)
  • A magical dagger (unidentified)

The party then coerced the rogue in the cellar out of hiding and convinced him to give the party information regarding the guild. You learned that the leader of this particular band of thieves is named Donavan. He frequently makes trips between Wickerwall and Tattermont. He also said that he should be returning in two days.

The group then kept their promise and let the rogue go free. Ville asked the rogue to deliver a message to his boss that his guild is not welcome in Wickerwall. Vantias left a similar message inside the building.

The group then explored the basement area where they discovered a torture room and a divining pool. They then left and returned to the Chubby Mermaid. The second chest was not opened and the documents on the tables were not examined.

Session 1- Mr.V and the Trip to Wickerwall
See Player Secret area for player specific information


The players met with the eccentric Mr.V and his loyal assistant Jin. They accepted the mission to find Mr.V’s kidnapped daughter, Tia, in Wickerwall and swore their allegiance to maintain secrecy during their mission on a magical tome.

The ship to Wickerwall was attacked in the night by two sea creatures that were defeated by the group. The managed to save Theo, the ship’s captain, from the clutches of death.

After arriving in Wickerwall they met with an individual named “Pretty”. They paid for Pretty to arrange a meeting with someone who could help them find more information about Tia. The meeting will take place at midnight the same day.

Will be granted after the midnight meeting.


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